When coming to pick/take home your puppy at 7 weeks we ask you bring only yourself and no more than 2 guests.

Please NO children under 10 years of age on our property. No exceptions. We ask this not to be rude but for the safety of our very young unvaccinated puppies and to prevent accidents. Please respect our rules. 

We also ask that you respect our home and our time when visiting your puppy. We are not a pet store. This is our home  :)

When your appointment is set plan ahead for your trip and BE ON TIME. It is not fair to the next customer to wait on you because you are late. Appointments are set 1 hour apart. When your time is over it's over late or not. This means you will loose your pick order if you are over 45 min late.
We have an underground invisible dog fence. I have signs up that say do not go in the fence (my yard) 
DOGS MAY BITE. Please stay on the sidewalk, please do not walk around in the yard or attempt to pet our dogs if outside.  

Do not bring your dog to our property!! This is a danger to your dog and ours. We do everything in our power to keep outside viruses away from our unvaccinated pups. This is our dogs territory they may attack your dog or your dog could injure ours.

No smoking on our property. Cigarette butts are poisonous to dogs. Also we ask you do not smoke prior to visit because I have asthma.

QUESTIONS I CAN ANSWER HERE-Can you bring your dog to visit with ours, even if it was one of our pups?

NO...we do not allow any dogs besides our own on our property for multiple safety reasons. 

Do we allow visits when we do not have puppies? 

Sorry, but we do not. We have nothing to hide. Our dogs are all kept in our home and treated with love and given the best of care.  However, this is our home. If I allow one person to visit I will have to allow all. We have references available upon request.  You may friend us on Facebook for pictures and video. A majority of our past customers are our friends there.     

Can you have pictures of puppies once born?

We do not send out litter pictures to respect all buyers privacy. Also in most cases there is no way to tell which is yours until you actually pick. You may take pictures of your puppy once here.