AVAILABLE PUPPY DEPOSITS -for upcoming litters

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Most questions are answered on our webpage. PLEASE READ FIRST before

emailing us questions!

1st deposit is first pick of the litter- 2nd means second pick...  3rd- third pick etc.... If a Female has 2 Fawn Males and you have 3rd pick deposit on a Fawn Male you will be moved and you will have 1st on the next litter. Just because you place 4th or 5th deposit does not necessarily mean you will stay there. You will move up as puppies are sold. 


​We do not take deposits on a particular dog. Puppies are sold in the order deposits are received and the order litters are born.


Open Deposits~  

puppies ready 8/11 and 8/18

5 Fawn Males

3 Fawn Females

Pick/choice for puppies go by the order deposits are received by mail. I can not guarantee that you will get a certain pick number until your deposit is received. I do not hold spots. I get many emails and you may see 1st or 2nd is open one week and request it but if you wait two weeks to mail a deposit that spot may be gone by then. It is very important to email me that you have mailed your deposit. 

Most questions are answered on our webpage. Please go to the home page and read to answer many of your questions. :) All heat schedules are estimate dates. I have no way of predicting an exact time nor can I provide a puppy to anyone on an exact date when asked to do so. Sorry, but there is not a "push for a puppy button" here. Nature decides what sex/color and how many. Not me :)  Anyone that does not get a puppy out of one litter gets moved to the next litter.  We have many past customers on our Facebook page. Picks are in the order that deposits are received. ALL OPEN DEPOSITS ARE POSTED ALONG WITH HEAT SCHEDULE.

*We reserve the right to keep any puppy, out of any litter, for breeding purposes      


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